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From small beginnings to over 20 Internet radio stations playing quality PRS/PPL free music to a wide variety of UK businesses.

After discovering that Charity Shops were about to be hit by PPL charges as well as the PRS we ventured into a dedicated radio station now known as Charity Shop Radio. Dove house hospice charity shops were our first customers taking over 30 internet radios. We are now expanding at great speed, so join us today and start saving £s.

How can we do it? By adding the occasional advert! Don't want adverts choose our branded option.

If you are interested in advertising please go to our other website imsradio.

Here is a sample of our adverts

Some of the Charity shops already tuning in!

AVOID PRS and PPL fees
AVOID PRS and PPL fees
AVOID PRS and PPL fees Say NO to PRS and PPL fees
NO More PRS and PPL fees for my business NO More PRS and PPL fees
PAY NO More PRS/PPL fees

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