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Common questions and answers.

I've just paid the PRS what can I do?
The good news is that the PRS will refund any full outstanding months you have paid in advance.

Is your music totally PRS/PPL fee free?
Yes it is, this is one thing we tell all our artists that they must be free of all royalty payments and if any do make it big then they will immediatly be removed from our playlists.

Are there any recurring fees for using your service?
NO, we provide the music service totally free of charge to you and hope in the future to have a limited number of adverts playing to help pay for the service.

Can you provide a certificate for display?
Yes we can, we also send out free of charge window stickers for you to display in your shop windows, just ask.

Can you provide a Fully Branded Radio Service?
Yes we can, if you want a radio station with your own name and own adverts we can provide this service a lot cheaper than you might think, please email or phone for more details.

Can we try before we buy?
Yes you can, the easiest way is by filling in this form
we can then set you up free online access so you can hear our station.

Not a charity? You can still take advantage of our PRS/PPL fee free services please see our other website imsradio for more details


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